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Praying Mantises have been important mystic creatures in many cultures throughout the world. 

Arab and Turkish cultures believed that these insects constantly prayed with their faces turned toward Mecca.

 In the southern United States, mantises are known as devil's coach-horses or mule-killers and are feared by superstitious people.  

To the Kalahari Bushmen, however, the mantis is sacred, representing a god of creation.






Female Gaudy Leaf Frogs typically lay clutches of 20 to 50 sticky eggs. 

The eggs (see picture below) are placed on either the upper surface or the underside of leaves overhanging pools of water.

  She may lay up to five clutches in a single night. 

After five to eight days, the tadpoles hatch and drop into the water below. 

It then takes about 80 days for them to develop into frogs. 






Resembling a withered, rotting leaf,  this katydid is one of the best disguised insects in the rainforest.

  The wings of katydids often feature blemishes to enhance their camouflage.

The notched ends of this katydid's wings are uncanny replicas of insect damaged leaves.







Boa Constrictors are live-bearing snakes. 

Females can give birth to litters of up to 60 young !



Planning Your Tour


Reservations are required to participate on the tour.  Advanced reservations for the night tour are highly recommended.  Space is limited and the tour usually fills up fast.    

Drake Bay, Costa Rica - The casque-headed lizard is one of the great masters of disguise.  To ensure a confirmed reservation on the tour,  please contact us by email including the information on our reservation form.    

Please Note:

We do not recommend the night tour for children under 8 years old.

Because of logistics, we are not able to offer The Night Tour from the following resorts:

Drake Bay Getaway, Cabinas Las Caletas, Copa de Arbol, Corcovado Adventures Tent Camp, Punta Marenco,  Bahia Paraiso,  Poor Man's Paradise,  or  Casa Corcovado.


The Night Tour costs $50 per person total (taxes included)  We do not offer discounts.


  Tour Schedule

The tour takes place nightly from 7:30 PM to 10:15 PM. Return times may vary. Depending on what we encounter on the trail the tour may run a little later.


 Your Guides

Biologist Tracie Stice and  Costa Rican naturalist Gianfranco Gómez , will be your guides on the night tour.  

There are many other night tours being offered in Drake Bay.    If you would like to insure your reservation with Tracie "The Bug Lady" please contact us directly. 

  Meeting Points Drake Bay, Costa Rica - Praying Mantises, like this one photographed on The Night Tour in Drake Bay, are voracious predators.

Jinetes de Osa Inn is the meeting point for guests lodging at  the following Drake Bay Resorts:  Mirador Lodge, Cabinas Jade Mar, Rancho Corcovado,  Casita Corcovado,  Mango Street Casita, Binya House, Cabinas Manolo, Finca Maresia, Cabinas Murillo, Las Cotingas, Vista Bahía Drake, Casa Drake Lodge, Martina's Place, Cabinas Bahía Drake, Casa Horizontes B &B and any other of the cabins located in the town of Agujitas.  

There is a map showing the town's layout and Jinetes de Osa's location.

We will meet guests lodging at La Paloma Lodge, Drake Bay Wilderness Resort,  Aguila de Osa Inn, and Jinetes de Osa  Inn  at their resort.


Due to the pandemic and to insure everyone's safety we are no longer offering our guests headlamps. Each guest will need to have their own flashlight or headlamp. Cellphone flashlights are not adequate and sharing lights will not work.

A good headlamp is highly recommended.  Not only will you use it on the tour, but it will also be very useful throughout your travels.  If you want to invest in a really good light the new Petzl Reactik series are an excellent choice.   

 What to Wear

Gaudy Leaf Frog, Agalychnis callidryas, photographed during the Night Tour in Drake Bay, Costa RicaA light cotton T-shirt and pants are ideal for the tour.   Comfortable clothes are recommended.  Long sleeve shirts are not necessary. 

Tennis shoes or hiking boots are required to participate on the tour. Sandals, Crocs, Tevas, Keens, water shoes, or any open-weave footwear are not permitted on the tour.  We do not issue refunds for improper footwear.

Bug Repellant

Participants will be pleasantly surprised by the relative lack of mosquitoes or other biting insects on the tour.  You are not likely to need repellant.  For peace of mind, you might wish to bring along  a bottle.  Again, though,  you're not likely to use it.


Conscientious photography is permitted on the tour.  The insects, arachnids, and other creatures we encounter on the tour are not only photogenic, many are rarely seen by the average visitor to Costa Rica.  For the best shots, we recommend adjusting your camera to the macro-setting.  If there's a chance of rain, guests should bring along a protective camera case  or waterproof bag .Drake Bay, Costa Rica - This leaf-mimicking katydid is one of the best disguised insects in Drake Bay.



Cancellations must be placed at least 7 days before the scheduled tour date in order to receive a refund. Cancellations made within 7 days of the date of the tour are nonrefundable. 


Your safety is of upmost importance.  We will be hiking through the rainforest.  There are uneven surfaces, slopes, and in some areas both natural steps and cement stepping stones. 

If you have any health issues  (balance problems, knee issues, if you require the assistance of a walking stick, cane or crutches, or have vision problems) PLEASE let us know and we can decide if the night tour is the right option for you.  Also, if you are traveling with children, please let us know their ages. 


"...The Bug Lady offers one of the best night wildlife tours in the country.... Their insatiable enthusiasm comes across on every tour..."

Daniel Neilson   Time Out Costa Rica


"...this after-dinner tour of the nocturnal rainforest is a MUST DO experience that you'll never forget...I give it my highest recommendation"

Alexander del Sol   The Southern Costa Rica Guide


"...spend a fascinating evening with biologist Tracie the Bug Lady...You might even see a boa."

  Beatrice Blake   The New Key to Costa Rica     

Drake Bay, Costa Rica - Boa Constrictor



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