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There are more species of insects in one tropical tree than there are in the entire state of Vermont.



Mammals of the Osa Peninsula

An Introduction to the Most Common Species


Central American Spider Monkey, Atales geoffroyi, from Drake Bay, Costa Rica

Central American Spider Monkey - Ateles geoffroyi


We are so happy to announce the publication of our new book Mammals of the Osa Peninsula: An Introduction to the Most Common Species.


The Osa Peninsula is widely considered one of the most bio-diverse places on the planet. It is home to half of Costa Rica's plant and animal species and Costa Rica harbors approximately 5% of the world's bio-diversity.


Drake Bay, Costa Rica - Tent making bats are commonly encountered in Drake Bay.

Thomas' Fruit-eating Bats - Dermanura watsoni


Delve into this fascinating world and discover some of the Osa Peninsula's most iconic mammal species.

Mammals of the Osa Peninsula offers readers a glipse into the often secretive lives of some of the most iconic mammals of the region. They are brought to life by over 150 photographs and insights into their fascinating natural histories.


Bairds's tapir - Tapirus bairdii


This 192 page publication includes more than 150 photographs, including 50 spectacular cetacean photos shot by local expert Sierra Goodman.

Visit Sierra's website at to learn more about her and to join her for a day out on the water. Her dolphin and whale excursions can not be missed!

You can preview the first 40 pages of Mammals of the Osa Peninsula here:


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