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Emerald Glass Frog - Cenrtolenella prosobleponCascade Glass Frog - Cochranella albomaculataGranular Glass Frog - Cochranella granulosaCricket Glass Frog - Hylinobatrachium colymbiphyllumDusty Glass Frog - Hylinobatrachium pulveratumReticulated Glass Frog - Hylinobatrachium valerioi
Emerald Glass Frog

Centrolenella prosoblepon

Cascade Glass Frog

Sachatamia albomaculata

Granular Glass Frog

Cochranella granulosa

Cricket Glass Frog

Hyalinobatrachium colymbiphyllum

Dusty Glass Frog

Teratohyla pulveratum

Reticulated Glass Frog

Hyalinobatrachium valerioi

Cascade Glass Frog - Sachatamia albomacuataThe Cascade Glass Frog
Sachatamia albomaculata

The well defined, bright yellow spots decorating this frog's upper side distinguish the Cascade Glass Frog from all others in Drake Bay.

Underneath, the intestines and ventral vein are plainly visible. It's intestines are also transparent, so you could literally see what the frog had for dinner!

Cascade Glass Frog - Sachatamia albomaculata


The frog's blue-green colored bones are also visible, throughout the arms, legs, jaw and knee of the individual pictured above. Adults generally measure between 21 and 32 millimeters.

They are called Cascade Glass Frogs because adults tend to frequent waterfalls. In the dry season males have even been observed calling from spray zones.


If a calling male attracts a female the two will mate and will usually lay their egg clutch on the upper surfaces of leaves overhanging the stream. Cascade Glass Frogs differ from other glass frogs in Drake Bay because they will also place their egg clutches on rocks along streams or in the spray zone of a waterfall.

Cascade Glass Frogs - Sachatamia albomaculata

Egg clutches have a dark coloration and lack the thick jelly mass that surrounds the eggs of many of it's close relatives. Very little is know about the behavior of juvenile glass frogs in the wild.

Cascade Glass Frog - Sachatamia albomaculata



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Emerald Glass Frog - Centrolenella prosobleponCascade Glass Frog - Cochranella albomaculataGranular Glass Frog - Cochranella granulosaCricket Glass Frog - Hyalinobatrachium colymbiphyllumDusty Glass Frog - Hyalinobatrachium pulveratumReticulated Glass Frog - Hyalinobatrachium valerioi

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